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Breathe - Essential for Life and Leadership

As I write, I am blessed to be sitting back and watch a magnificent sunset over the waters of the NSW South Coast. This is a place that holds a lot of meaning for me as this was the place of my birth, the place of my family for generations and the place that I feel truly connected to myself.
Sadly though, for many educator's, we rush and rush throughout the year not taking stock because of the pace of life. As a result, we miss the moments like these. The moments to breathe and reflect on where we have come from and where we are going.
In moments we take to breathe, we give ourselves permission to be honest, allowing us clearly to see what is important and experience the joy that this gives us.
An example of this happened this morning when I took my daughter's out for their first dive of the season. For my youngest this was her first ever so for her it was a mix of excitement and fear. As I was coaching her my biggest piece of advice was about the importance of breathing. T…
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The Importance of Educational Dreamers

With 2018 closing and the early days of 2019 on us, I wanted to pen down some thoughts on my journey recently. Coined by one of my colleague I could normally be described as an educational dreamer. An optimist who sees the positive in the educational landscape as well as the trends on the horizon.

However; while there were many professional achievements, I found this year one of the most challenging in my career. For so many years, I have been challenged by those around me and the research to push myself to embed the highest quality pedagogies and learning experiences I could, although, this changed in 2018.

During this time, one of my esteemed colleagues said to me "you need to step back from pushing so hard and let others catch up. You work so hard at supporting people at the shoulder, yet they need to discover and do it themselves". It was suggest that this would allow me the time I needed to complete my higher levels of teacher accreditation showing my proficiency against…

Google Innovators Project - Personalised Learning that makes Real Impact on Student Engagement and Achievement

Section 1 - Context It should be a reasonable expectation that all children would have equal opportunity for
educational success which will be reflected through equivalent outcomes of assessment
irrespective of class, ethnicity or gender. This paper examines the interplay between
curriculum, instruction, feedback and focuses on assessment and has been the provocation
for the development of my google innovators project where my inquiry question was how can
personalised learning be facilitated to ensure deep engagement and meaningful learning.
The context for this task is a Stage 3 mixed ability, mixed gender classroom of 114 students.
There are 5 teachers collaboratively co-teaching and planning the differentiated program
which is taught through a blended personalised approach. This method includes face to face
whole home class (28 students) explicit teaching (Mini-Lessons), flipped videos, self-paced
learning contracts and matrix's, small group clustering and personalised one on on…