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Google Innovators Project - Personalised Learning that makes Real Impact on Student Engagement and Achievement

Section 1 - Context It should be a reasonable expectation that all children would have equal opportunity for
educational success which will be reflected through equivalent outcomes of assessment
irrespective of class, ethnicity or gender. This paper examines the interplay between
curriculum, instruction, feedback and focuses on assessment and has been the provocation
for the development of my google innovators project where my inquiry question was how can
personalised learning be facilitated to ensure deep engagement and meaningful learning.
The context for this task is a Stage 3 mixed ability, mixed gender classroom of 114 students.
There are 5 teachers collaboratively co-teaching and planning the differentiated program
which is taught through a blended personalised approach. This method includes face to face
whole home class (28 students) explicit teaching (Mini-Lessons), flipped videos, self-paced
learning contracts and matrix's, small group clustering and personalised one on on…
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