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Blogging - More Work or Work Worth Doing?

Recently I was asked at a conference why was I encouraging my teachers to have a class blog and also begin professional reflective blogs.

My response was something in the lines of - one of the greatest desires of parents is to get more information about how their child is doing in class. Their key questions are often:
What they are learning? What is the social climate of the classroom? Are they really happy? It is not that class blogs can definitively answer this but they do give a snapshot. They allow parents a portal to see in on the classes learning as a whole and help them facilitate discussions at home.

The second reason I have been encouraging the use of blogging is that it provides a portal for students to have learning curated. My students whenever they need to go out on the internet always go via our classes blog. Parents have commented that this is a common routine at home also. I have the key topics tap with learning resources behind these. The blog becomes the place that st…

Edcamp Global

Edcamp Global was a 24 hour virtual professional development program that had over 100 sessions and 1800 participates. The archive of this event can be found on the Edcamp Global's website.

I was privileged enough to have been able to facilitate one of these sessions with some of my dearest and most esteemed globally connected educators.

Dan Heasler – International keynote speaker, educator and writer. Passionate about issues of engagement and well-being. (Empathy Connections) Marty Keltz – Emmy Award winning producer, Educator, Co founder of the Not Perfect Hat Club movement and former Editor of Scholastic (Touchcast) Jenna Ball – Author and Artist, Educator, Co founder of the Not Perfect Hat Club movement and all round amazing woman. (Not Perfect Hat Club) Bev Ladd – Master Skype Educator, She is passionate about global learning, and collaboration. (NPHCBlogIT, Classroom Twitter and Skype) Brett Salakas – Founder of #aussieed, Educator, Speaker and Classdojo Community Lead. He is pas…