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The Minimum Viable Learning Design - The Small Change that Leads to the Bigger Change

Over the past few months I have had the privilege to learn under Simon Breakspear a world-class educator and leadership consultant. Pairing this learning with the books from George Couros, Carol Dweck, Eric Sheninger, Matt Miller, Tom Whitby and Steve Anderson, I am convinced the system of education we have is sitting on the verge of a major paradigm shift. This shift is one both in the structure of the teacher/student relationship and how teachers carry out their teaching tasks. Without a doubt we can observe this revolution, the speed of change in education is rapidly growing. More and more experts are stating that we need to build the capacity of teachers to be agile in embracing the new and developing freeing them to navigate the disruptions well. It has been often noted by many educational organizations change had been implemented in the past because it was driven by novelty or the next great “trend” thus not gaining traction and creating a causal effect. George Couros (2015) state…