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How's Education Shaped by Leadership Forces?

In speaking about quality school leadership, Sergiovanni (1984) demonstrates that many attributes have direct links to the achievements and overall excellence. How these foundations of learning excellence are encouraged and supported by leaders holds close connection to the overall educational achievements students can expect (Dinham, 2005).
Sergiovanni (1984) proposes competent school leadership supports the need for students to be cultured, educated citizens, able to contribute wholly in society and educated beyond the limited potential of “training workers” (p.6).He suggested that excellent school leaders exceed these expectations and as a result, both teachers and students work harder to accomplish more in the development of these foundations of learning.
Wasserberg (1999, p.158) claims that “the primary role of any leader is the unification of people around key values”. Greenfield & Ribbins (1993) add that the personal values, self-awareness, emotional and moral capability of l…