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Global Connections: I believe this is the next phase of Education

One of the things I really like about teaching in this day and age is our access to experts beyond the classroom. Through the use of the Internet we can almost find any resource we need to create a stimulating and engaging lesson a success. However, many of us have found that this connection to content was a single stream of information and students did not have the ability to engage with and discuss with the stimulus the deep questions they may have had.

As a result of this concern we have seen the growth in classrooms and educators participation in blogging and social media. My good friend Craig Kemp quotes "It is pleasing to see the focus in education on blogging over the past 5 years is paying off, with almost 55% of educators utilising blogs to support global connectivity and learning in their classrooms. It is also pleasing to see 50% of educators utilising Social Media to connect and engage their students.” (Kemp, 2015) Behind this drive is a desire to offer our students a…