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The Power of Blogging - A Parents Perspective

As I was leaving school today I was stopped by one of my student's parents. This could have been one of those moments that bring tremors to a teacher as I heard "Mr Host, I need to speak to you about something!"

Thankfully she wanted to thank me for opening up my classroom via a blog and twitter to the parents. She stated that she was encouraged to see that the teachers at my school made themselves vulnerable enough to share the successes and learning opportunities for all the world to see. In her words "it reassured her that we are partners in educating her children".

I believe there are so many benefits to blogging in the classroom. Increased communication with parents is probably one of the simplest and most significant; however, the true extent of the educational benefits with elements such as blended learning and social media linked to it is yet to be fully determined but I am excited about its possibilities.