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Riding The Wave

A surfer looks at the waves and responds to them. When looking at trends we need to do the same! paraphased quote of Mark McCrindle's.
This post has been sitting with me for a while and earlier this week I had the privilege to listen to Mark McCrindle an award winning social researcher, best-selling author and influential thought leader share on the current and future treads in Australia and globally. I was encouraged by much he had to say especially with connecting with emerging generations. The reason I was encouraged was because he said that they desire relationships that are real, relevant and responsive. This trend was common to the Builders, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and the Generation Alpha. Even though we live in such a connected, device driven world, there is a strong desire for closeness and authenticity in relationship.
The emerging trends and the force of change around these trends technology, population and attitudes can be a point of tension, causing stress and…