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Change – An Educator's Enemy or Best Friend?

Why is it that we as educators love comfort, predictability and routine? Why is it that in many other professions change is encouraged and fostered? I am crucial aware change can be both positive and negative and it is our outlook towards this that makes the difference in the outcome.
Professionally change is upon me with a major shift with the grade that I am teaching. As such I need to get used to a new cohort of students, a new teaching partner, a new teaching team, new sets of parents and a new room. On top of this I have new curriculum material from our new syllabus’ and in the back of my mind I know I will have another major change at the end of the year moving into our new learning center.
Personally change has not eluded me either as I look over the past 20 years I have experienced many major changes starting when I got married. Without going into too many details there have been countless adaptations that I needed to get used to when going from the single life to one, which is…

My Vision for Education, My Desire for Students, My One-Degree that Makes a Difference

In beginning a new year we are able to begin a new set of goals for ourselves personally and professionally.It is as though a new season is upon us and with this new season new possibilities are given.
In my previous post One Degree Makes a Significant DifferenceI stated, “The bottom line is we get to decide what success is for each of us. In doing so we can align our thought patterns and actions towards achieving this goal ensuring it is congruent with our purpose and values. 
Our values define what is the most important to us and give us purpose and direction. To be living out our purpose we need an existence that is in accordance with our values. Purpose calls forth passion, which is the driving force behind accomplishment.”
Throughout my professional life I have seen many people inside and outside of education climbing the ladder of success come to a point where they discover their ladder was leaning up against the wrong wall. They discover that much of their time and energy has bee…