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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

EduTech Day 1 Takeaways

I love the ability of educators to connect and the power of this has been shown today at EduTech Australia. Previously working in other field speakers were often distant and untouchable; however, the key notes, session leaders and seminar speakers were accessible.

My greatest takeaways so far are:

  • Maker spaces are here to stay – contact @ZeinaChalich 
  • Computational thinking is a concept we are going to hear more and more about.
  • One size and method of technology implementation does not fit all. 
  • Backchannels are something to consider implementing in classrooms as it draws out the students who would often draw back.
  • What would a classroom be like if we took most of the furniture away?
  •  How can we allow students to collaboratively complete assessments after completing an individual assessment?
  • The value of teachmeets - learning from the grassroots.
  • Authentic assessment and teaching is crucial.

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