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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How can we develop our own teaching strategies?

Teachers by setting challenging and realistic expectations for all students taking into account their individual needs and learning styles. This assist all students learn to appreciate the need for quality in all they do. I found that by encouraging students to slow the pace of their work they began develop the appropriate skills. In employing an interactive approach to teaching based on student questions, their prior knowledge and negotiated learning tasks and the teaching of research skills I become aware that students were readily engaged and desired to learn. This was managed through a range of explicit thinking skills and strategies so students become aware of the appropriate strategies and could use them independently as basis of lifelong learning.

I experienced the importance of coaching students using explicit co-operative learning skills so students can work together in teams. This showed me the importance teaching by modelling and demonstrating until students can use them automatically when introducing new skills.

I introduced learning to students by means of realistic projects, themes and units. Making use of student personal interests and experiences where relevant e.g. for personal writing or class discussion and studies to demonstrate the value their life experiences and interests. An element of motivation I observed and experiences was on the student led conference day, the classroom environment celebrated students’ questions, their research and creative work in a way that both informs visitors and celebrated student creativity.

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